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Hi everyone, please direct all inquiries to:

Blue Ridge Mobile Homes
Attn: Sam Parkins
P.O. Box 184
Batesville, VA 22924
OFFICE: 434-806-5295
Email: sam@BlueRidgeMobileHome.com


OFFICE: 434-806-5295
Email: Sam at sam@blueridgemobilehome.com

I just wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know a little bit more about us and our manufactured home deals.

Company Mission: To provide affordable housing options to those in need of housing assistance; this is attained primarily through mobile homes, manufactured homes, and trailer homes.

Blue Ridge Mobile Homes LLC is owned and operated by Sam Parkins, a Charlottesville native. Sam earned his real estate license in 2009, and worked for a real estate team specializing in modular homes. After some time and the market slump, the need to provide affordable housing was realized and thus Blue Ridge Mobile Homes was started. We have expanded to offer insurance, MOVING mobile homes, parts sales and service, and much more!

If you have a mobile home to sell, if you want to buy a manufactured home, if you need financing options for a mobile home you are in the right place.

Please bookmark this page and come back often for updates on the homes we offer.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you wish to work with Blue Ridge Mobile Homes to purchase a home, please fill in the owner financing application on the links section to the right. Click on the link, download and print the application, and email, fax, or mail back to Sam at the above address. This application is critical in the home buying process; not to deny anyone, but to get an accurate picture of your whole financial information so that we may best cater a home to your needs!

I Sincerely look forward to working with each and everyone of you, thank you for your interest and I hope to be able to help you achieve the dream of home-ownership!

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